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Description: while we might not throw a "Come smell my momma's house party" the point remains that our lives are full of things to celebrate ... So now ... go throw a party!


Lina Designs

Lina Designs was created at the end of 2004. It is one of many dreams that I am so fortunate to be living out. And believe me when I tell you, this journey makes no sense. I know that God is working on my behalf because I could have never had the energy, drive, or calmness it would take to walk away from 'a career' to start this business. It's amazing how things work, huh? Our God is such an awesome God waiting for us to open ourselves to His calling. There is something particular that He has called me to do here…to create…to leave for someone else to pick up that will point to the one true and constant thing in this world which is Him. Our company is small, just a bit bigger than a mustard seed, but it is good. Each day my goal is to make sure that every client feels good. Good about themselves…Good about the event they are throwing…Good about the gift they are giving…Good about the life they are living. Pretty lofty goals for a small business, but my hands aren't at work here.

Let me just say that I love invitations. I always have. I love admiring the detail. I love the heaviness of the paper. I love how the ribbon seems to match the paper although they had no prior relationship. The paper, the ribbon, the ink all come together to make a perfect statement. A statement of joy. An invitation to celebrate. A reason to shout. A declaration of love. The moment an invitation is imprinted with words, it is born. No longer is it paper, ribbon and ink…but now a memory…a keepsake…an impression for the whole world to see. Speaking to all before any event has occurred it shouts “This is what's happening and here I am to tell.” Oh, how beautiful…how awesome.

I hope that each and every invitation, note card, sticker will bring you as much joy as it does me. I hope that you will look at each one and appreciate how the different pieces have combined together in beauty. I pray that you will understand that God does the same thing with our lives…He takes different pieces…different colors…different textures and puts them all together to make something so sweet and precious. I am a whole bunch of nothing…but thank goodness He sees past that and continues to mold and shape me into something beautiful.

So now…Thank you to my friends for encouraging me…Thank you to all my family for believing in me, over and over again…Thank you to all clients for consistently making this worthwhile. Mostly, thank you to my most perfect husband…For sacrificing, for giving, for loving, for understanding, for patience, for criticism, for freedom, for all the things you do each day to make me a better person.

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